Our Studios

In order to reach the best possible acoustics, Karlheinz Stegmaier and architect Ben Koziczinski have developed a special studio concept for us. Both of our Berlin studios are designed as fully floating rooms, so-called room-in-room concepts. This makes them especially well insulated for low frequencies and allows a short reverberation time. Thanks to deliberately installed diffusors, the rooms maintains a vivid sound without reproducing any reflections of the music. On top, a dimmable lighting and a silent air conditioning and ventilation system create a comfortable working environment.

Mastering- & Monitoring

Many of our mastering and monitoring gear has been produced or modified exclusively for us. This enables high-end signal paths and excellent sound results.


With our highly modified vinyl cut systems by Neumann, we reach distinguished cutting results. In order to adapt the sound as closely as possible to the visions of our customers, we offer all common brands of lacquer discs.

Studio 1

MONITORING |PMC MB1 (upgraded to MB2) | Hothouse 600 Amp |Avatone´s

MASTERING EQUIPMENT | Maselec MEA-2 Rev.7 (modified)|Dangerous BAX | Manley Massive Passive (modified) | API 5500 (modified) | Hendy Amps Michelangelo (Apke mod.) | Crane Song STC-8 | API-2500 | SSL Mixbus Comp. | Drawmer S3 | Pendulum PL2 Limiter | Lavry Blue ADDA – 3xDA, 1xAD | Aqvox – DAC | Funk MTX Monitor v3

CUTTING EQUIPMENT | Neumann VMS-70 | VG74B optimized | Pitch 13 Computer | Flokason RDL15 Transfer Console | Technics 1210Mk2 |2 x AQVOX Phono CI Mk2 | various cartridges

Studio 2

MONITORING | PMC MB2 | Rotel 1080 AMP – Modified Adcom Amp | Avantones

MASTERING EQUIPMENT | Custom Audio HDE-450 Equalizer (Schnittstelle Edition) | Therminonic Pullet (modified with transparent amps by Custom Audio) | Roger Schult – Universalfilter UF-1 | Gyraf G-14 | Filtek MK3 | Pultek – Custom Made EQ | Anthony Demaria C/L 1500 | Crane Song STC-8/H | 2 x Dave Hill Titan | SSL Mixbus by Custom Audio | Dual 1176 + Neve Amps | Maselec MDS-2 | Stagetech Truematch Converters – 8 Channels | Funk MTX Monitor v3

CUTTING EQUIPMENT | Neumann VMS-70 | VG74B optimized | Pitch 98 Computer | Flokason RDL15 Transfer Console |  Technics 1210Mk2 |2 x AQVOX Phono CI Mk2 | various cartridges


Telefunken – M15 Tape Recorder | Studer A80 Tape – 2 x Playback heads for Tape to Disc Transfers | Tascam DA-30 DAT | Vinyl washing machine by Loricraft