The Perfect Sound
for Every Project

No matter if warm, full-bodied or punchy—each label has its own sound and each artist or label comes with different preferences. With our work, we are able to shape the sound of the tracks significantly. That’s why at Schnittstelle, we always adapt the mastering as well as the vinyl cut to the individual requirements of our customers. For this, we rely on our excellently equipped studios with first class monitoring and mastering gear as well as a high-end cutting equipment including all common brands of lacquer discs. Most of our equipment have been produced or modified exclusively for our purposes. For special analog projects, we also offer a tape machine.

Two Mastering Studios
in Berlin

Both of our Berlin-based mastering studios are especially designed for our purposes as fully floating rooms, so-called room-in-room concepts, by Karlheinz Stegmaier and the architect office B C K Architektur + Bauphysik. They are extremely well insulated, especially for low frequencies. At the same time, thanks to the wisely installed diffusors, they reach a vivid sound without any musical reflections. Further optimizations were realized in 2022 by Jochen Veith.

An Experienced
Mastering Team

Since 2003, Schnittstelle has been active—at first in Frankfurt am Main and since 2015 in Berlin. By now, our team consists of four very experienced mastering engineers, each of whom is an enthusiastic musician or music lover. We handle each new project with great joy and motivation. Because we know that our customers like to listen to the final product as soon as possible, we try to finish all orders within one week.

14,000+ Vinyls &
25,000+ Masterings

With most of our customers, we are proudly looking back at a ten-year or longer relationship. We value a personal communication and a profound consulting very much. In total, since the foundation of Schnittstelle, we have cut more than 22,000 productions on lacquer discs and mastered more than 25,000 tracks for major labels as well as for indie labels—starting from techno, minimal, house and E.B.M. up to rock, pop, acoustic, experimental and ambient.